HBB gameplay

Huge Bang Bang is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) in 2D, where you play a human avatar in an alien TV-Show named Huge Bang Bang.

You play independent 4vs4 matches. Each have a boss located on either side of the arenas, the boss deactivation leads to the end of the game and the victory of one of the teams. Each player is playing an alien named “Adryss” who controls and manages, from his spaceship, a completely customizable human avatar. Once the fight starts, the player will accumulate experience, earn gold, buy items, upgrade his minions and fight the enemy team to lead his team to vicory.

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In the year of 5616 Tchiss Era, XXI Century Earth time, a shuttle from Planet Adryss encounters the space probe Pioneer 10 finding a metal plate depicting humans and how to get to their planet.

Fascinated by this unexpected discovery, the Adryss supreme leaders are eager to find out more about these humanoids.They dispatch an undetectable shuttle with a camouflage expert to collect information on humans and their planet. The mission is a swift success: the expert retrieves photos, a computer, a history book and many other treasures…

Adryssien suprem

Scientists examine the retrieved elements. Instant enthousiasm for these findings spreads within the Adryss population. A TV channel seizes the opportunity of creating a show called Huge Bang Bang which will change every day life on Adryss forever. The show’s producers take the concept further by creating holographic battle arenas, inspired by settings and main events in the History of Earth. From the start, thousands of cameras are pointed at human avatars controlled by the champions from all over Planet Adryss.

Plateau télé

That’s when you come in and try your luck at becoming the best in this new TV sport contest. Fortunately, you have a coach... even if he’s a bit dubious... to help you start out on your calling.

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Adryss are aliens made essentially of viscous matter, making them squishy as a sponge. With no feet, they move like slugs. For them, physical violence has always been severely punished. Indeed, Planet Adryss has lived for thousands of years in peace. However, after discovering human civilization, things will change drastically for the inhabitants. The TV Show Huge Bang Bang, once launched, is followed by every Adyrss without exception. You are part of the Show! You are a Gladiator!

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Before, you were an honest little slug, but now, you are set to battle against terrifying enemies on Huge Bang Bang. To get there, a somewhat dubious coach – you forgot his name – offers you a vessel with all tools needed to connect to the battle arenas. Soon it all begins! You will control a human-like numeric avatar, with weapons, equipment, skills and statistics you alone have chosen.